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PhotoMarathons Around The World

A PhotoMarathon is a photo competition
In several cities all over the world, people enjoy this funny, exciting and creative photo event. Read more

What is a PhotoMarathon?

A funny photo competition

A PhotoMarathon is first of all a funny, exciting and creative photo competition, where the participants must interpret some topics within a time limit (eg. 6, 12 or 24 hours). Many people participate in a PhotoMarathon together with friends, colleagues and family and have a nice and funny time together. Many participants exchange their ideas and even help each other. And some participants meets new photo friends.

The ultimate photographic challenge

For many photographers, a PhotoMarathon is the ultimate photographic challenge. Like a marathon race. You have to keep going for hours while being creative, and take good pictures. A 24 hours PhotoMarathon is probably the toughest because of lack of sleep, but a PhotoMarathon with 24 images in 12 hours is tough because of the limited time.

There are also PhotoMarathon which is less demanding and fits example. novices and children.

An example of a PhotoMarathon

When competition begins, the participants will receive 4 topics. For each topic, the participant must submit only one photo to the competition.
After 4 hours the participants will receive the next 4 topics. And so it goes until competition ends after 6, 12 or 24 hours. When the competition ends, the participant must submit only one image for each item.

Different versions of PhotoMarathon

There are different versions of PhotoMarathons around the world, but common to them all is, that participants must solve a number of topics within a limited time period. It may be 6 topics in 6 hours, 12 topics in 12 hours, 24 topics in 12 hours or 24 topics in 24 hours

Some PhotoMarathon are only for digital cameras, some are only for analog film cameras and some are for smartphones. But often, several types of camera may join the competition.

In many PhotoMarathon, it is not permitted to post-process the images with an image editing program such as PhotoShop. But it is usually allowed to do everything before taking the picture (eg. Use of filters, settings in the camera, etc.).

The world map of PhotoMarathons