All around the world photographers are participating in photo marathons.
A photo marathon is a competition, where the photographers are given certain topics to interpret within a time limit.

Find a photo marathon in a city near you.

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2013 2014
  February USA - San Juan   Caracas, Venezuela  
  March USA - Miami
Nairobi, Kenya
  Myanmar - Yangon  
  April Germany - Dresden
France, Nantes
Germany, Saarbrücken
Georgia, Tbilisi
  USA - San Juan
Germany - Dresden
Greece, Patras
  May Palestine
Germany - Stuttgart
UK - Bath, Sommerset

Greece, Patras
Italy, Venice
Croatia - Split
Germany - Münich

Germany - Ulm
Germany - Zwickau
Germany - Würzburg
Germany - Passau
Germany - Kiel
Germany - Düsseldorf

Germany - Wiesbaden
Germany - Kempten

  June Austria, Graz
Germany, Berlin
UK - Cardiff
France, Nice

France, Nice
Germany, Berlin
Czech Republik - Prague
Germany - Aschaffenburg
UK - Bath, Sommerset
Italy - Ivrea

  July Lebanon, Beirut
Germany, Munich
Germany, Düsseldorf

Germany, Osnabrück

  August Germany, Hamburg
Denmark -  Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg *
Norway, Oslo
Austria, Klagenfurt

Canada, Vancouver

Germany, Munich
Denmark, Copenhagen & Aalborg *

Austria, Klagenfurt
Sweden, Stockholm

  September Italy, Trieste
Austria, Wien
Germany, Leipzig
Italy, Turin
Agentina, Buenos Aires
Italy, Cuneo
USA - Edmonds

Austria, Wien
Germany, Hamburg
Germany, Leipzig
Italy, Turino
USA - Edmonds
Italy, Alba


USA, New York City
Germany, Stuttgart

  November Egypt, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor *      

* this marathon takes place in several cities in this country, click for more informations. .

As soon as a day is set in 2014, the marathon will be placed in the calendar for 2014.